Friday, 18 April 2014

Bath - part two

We woke up bright and early on Friday morning to more gorgeous sunshine and after a bit of a potter, some breakfast and lots more chatting headed out into the world of Bath. We were staying right in the centre of town, close to the beautiful Crescent so headed there first for a look round and it truly is gorgeous. This was my first time in Bath (I'll definitely be back soon!) and I couldn't believe how lovely the whole town was… the buildings are stunning and it has one of the nicest atmosphere's of anywhere I've visited  in England. 

We headed down to the town centre, into the sunshine. Sunglasses on and ready for the day!

But then the little hangovers from the night before reared their heads and we decided that they had to be quelled so we headed to Bills to utilise my staff discount for mezze and burgers, along with a lot of water to make sure the afternoon got off on the right foot!

Then it was back to wandering the city, popping into boutiques and charity shops before grabbing gelato to eat in the sunshine and head to the station to collect the rest of the girls who had jumped on trains down from London for Friday and Saturday nights.

As soon as they jumped off the train we headed to buy bikinis (the spa was the plan for the following day) before walking back to The Crescent, champagne in hand, to catch up and enjoy the sunshine. 

Next, it was back to the house for supper. The most incredible fish stew (recipe to follow as I've already had to recreate the little beauty back at home). The wine was opened and the ridiculous-ness continued. It had been at least two months since we had last all been together!

Then the party started. The flat upstairs managed to squeeze 70 people into a bedroom, we managed to host pre-drinks until 2am and Holly managed to be ready for bed by 10 (but she pushed through and carried on, don't worry!).

Others didn't do quite so well… We crawled into bed (on the floor!?) at half 6, with the party still in full swing upstairs.

The next day there was no other option but to head to the spa and detox. Set over the city and based on the traditional thermae spa that is now a heritage site, what could be better for a hangover than a hot pool of water, in the sunshine, over looking a gorgeous city? Not much! We stayed for a couple of hours, using the mint steam room to truly revive ourselves and I would definitely recommend a trip! 

We came out starving and headed to Hall and Woodhouse for fish finger sandwiches and the hangovers were gone! Sadly, I had to catch a train back ready for work on the Sunday morning so I left the girls deciding on supper for that night and set off for my four hour train journey back to Brighton.

It really was the perfect weekend and a much needed break from the dissertation writing - I can't wait to go back already! 

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