Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Here's to the night

At the end of last week I headed to one of my favourite Brighton restaurants, Bellotta. The Bar Y Tapas opened at the beginning of this year and I have already visited far too many times to count. The food is some of the best I've eaten out in a long time, the service impeccable and the menu choices are really varied. This time it was a girly trip and we started the meal with a good bottle of white and some Pan Tomaca - freshly baked bread, rubbed with garlic, oil and served with fresh tomatoes.

Then it was on to the main affair of the evening. The tapas! The restaurant recommend 3/4 dishes per person which I think is definitely about right. Patatas Bravas - potatoes with sundered tomatoes and garlic mayo - filled the table, followed quickly by seafood baskets of squid, prawns and mussels, mushrooms, white fish and serious amounts of garlicy deliciousness. The girls ordered chorizo, steak and chicken and there was barely a space on the table! Everything was fresh and tasty, the perfect kinda meal to enjoy over a good catch up.

The tapas bar is the first of its kind in the UK and totally beats to offerings of La Tasca, and most of the independents that I've been to for tapas which I often find to be a little greasy. I really wouldn't mind if Bellota opened up a few more branches, preferably in London ready for next year… please?

If you're in Brighton this little place is well worth a visit. If you're heading there at the weekend make sure you book as it does get busy and be sure to sign up online or at the bar for a Belotta card. It gives you 20% off and just makes the whole meal incredibly reasonable - how does £15 a head with wine sound? And now you see why I can't stay away!

You can check out the restaurant here for more details.

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