Thursday, 17 April 2014

Bath - part one

Last weekend I spent a few days in Bath, visiting one of my home favourites, along with the girls. We played, drank far too much wine, shopped, drank some more wine and ate incredible food. There was a lot of giggling, some fab catch ups and the photos really don't do it justice (I think the majority were taken after surprise, surprise, lots of wine as well!). I arrived on Thursday to beautiful sunshine and we spent the evening out and about getting to know the city and some of Harris' friends. 

Getting geographically acquainted… apparently you get on a train to Wales when travelling from Brighton to Bath?! Who knew!

The drinking started pretty early on Thursday, before the bar hopping and posing came out in full!

In our giggly states we were struck by how amazing the letters were in bar number 2 that they used for food service… and they might have joined us on our adventure! Whoopssss! 

And they did have to move onto the next bar with us...

With its terrifying mannequins… 

We went home to munch on fishy crack (smoked mackerel pate by any other name, don't ask!) before falling into bed to prepare ourselves for day two's adventures. More tomorrow! 

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