Thursday, 3 April 2014

April showers bring May flowers

Tuesday was loan day and even though my loan does little to cover my rent (oh student living in Brighton) I decided that it was only right to celebrate with the rest of my course. 10 of us headed out for supper at GBK - the one here is so so good - and for cocktails at Be At One, which I'm still raving about!

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Who doesn't like monkey nuts?
Burger yumminess and skin on fat chips mmmm 
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When supper was over and we'd eaten our fill of monkey nuts, burgers, skin on chips, sides, dips… oh the list goes on… we headed over to Be At One for dessert. And obviously by that I mean cocktails! It was such a lovely Spring evening and it only served to remind me that Brighton is a great place, especially in the summer. I'm ready for London times and for uni and studying to be done now but I will definitely miss Brighton and its all of its charming boutique offerings! 

I went for a passion fruit Margarita (recipe below) and it was so good. I could have drunk five more but a presentation early the next morning meant bed was calling. I couldn't resist sharing the recipe though as this one is delicious and so easy to make. Think pretty vintage glasses and a girly night in/pre drinks while getting ready. What better way to start a night than with tequila after all?   

And the real star of the show 

Art history favourites 


This one really is a great variation on a classic if the thought of the salty sour of a regular Margarita isn't appealing to you. Passion fruit has pretty tart flavour to it which compliments the tequila and it is all sweetened with a sugar rim instead of salt.


Passion fruit syrup
Fresh lime juice
Sugar rim


  1. 1Chill a cocktail glass with crushed ice
  2. 2Add all ingredients to a Boston glass and shake with cubed ice
  3. 3Remove crushed ice rim the glass with sugar
  4. 4Strain the mixture into the glass

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