Monday, 4 November 2013

Feeling 1920s

On Saturday evening I found my 1920s glad rags, pinned my hair and donned the deep red lipstick in aid of Flo's 21st and a 1920s inspired party. Once again, everyone made such an effort with the costumes and the boys had done a great job of decorating the house. The poker table was the central attraction, along with ballons and props inspired by the era.  I love this picture, it sums up the sober part of the night for me...

And here are some of the incredible costumes that the girlies pulled out...

Obviously with a little bit of posing along the way: the 1920s was full of it don't you know!

Gradually the night got sillier...

And sillier... but this is the birthday lady so its definitely okay!

The cake was fabulous, the atmosphere was great and the 5 Miley songs in a row kinda epitomised the night!

Thank you Flo for another incredible 21st - they do make me feel old now though, how am I 23 in couple of months when everyone around me is only just turning 21, ahhhh! <3


  1. Oooh that does look fun! I have found every year I get older in my 20's to be particularly hard. Especially when I hit 25. I can only imagine the 30's will be worse. But don't forget, we are STILL young!!! :)

    1. Oh I totally agree, definitely embracing it for the last few months of uni before graduation and real life as well! I just checked out your blog, its gorgeous and your daughter is such a sweetie!! X