Sunday, 3 November 2013

10 things that have made me happy this week...

1) Letters from my gorgeous niece and big sister. Post is good, this kind of post is the best!

2) Halloween with my favourites. Dressing up, drinking too much and being silly never grows old. Incredible costumes just makes it even better!

3) Ice lolly hangover cures.

4) Zara. Better than usual at the moment and its normally pretty fab. I can't stop popping in to my local Brighton store and visits are now reaching at least once a week. Whoopssss! Also, their coats. Oh wow, their coats. If you haven't checked them out yet, do. 

5) Crunching in Autumn leaves wherever i go.

6) Parties. I've had two this week. A 22nd in town for my housemate and last night a 1920s inspired 21st. There is nothing better than a good house party! (My work/hangovers may be suffering but heyyy, there's still 17 days left to get those essays done so sure it'll be fine!)

7) Gossip girl. I've started from season 1 again. I don't think that it will ever get old and is the most perfect programme for chilly winter evenings.

8) Food. Yep, just generally! I haven't been feeling cooking this week but last night's supper was delish and I think got the whole cooking thing back on track. Roll on the market on Tuesday with its gorgeously colourful fruit and veg.

9) Cinema times with the boy. We saw Captain Phillips, with lots of popcorn, and sweeties. Its good, really good. Check it out!

10) And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, my new duvet. Its incredible. In fact, I'm not even sure if there are any words to describe it. Lets just say everyones been in my bed this week, (and there was even a little cheeky bit of Madagascar watching under the covers at one point!) mmmhhhh!

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