Saturday, 16 November 2013

Wintery delights: Blackbird Tearoom

When the days get chilly there is nothing better than chilling out, catching up with friends and warming up with good food. Of course, we couldn't think of anywhere better than Blackbird tearoom in the South Lanes, and which since its opening has become a pretty regular haunt. I've blogged on it before but couldn't resist sharing a few more pictures!

And strangely enough, I want to start with the toilets! I know, I know, classy right! But it is just so unusual. You walk out of the back of a tearoom, through the cobbled garden until you find a secret little door, leading to what looks like a stone outbuilding. Creak open the door and you find this...

Now tell me that isn't cute?! Granted it is slightly chilly in these wintery months but hand folded towels, nice soap and wonderful vintage prints. My kind of loo! Now, back to the cake!

The walls are adorned with old tins, candelabras and pre-war ornaments, and each table has vintage lace table cloths to add to the atmosphere. 

The menu ranges from savoury to sweet, with the cheese, chutney and cress scone or Blackbird cakes being personal favourites. The tearooms exude quaint charm and the attention to detail is paramount. Choose either a window seat or one of the tucked away tables upstairs and this place really is the perfect choice to while away a rainy afternoon with girlfriends.

The infamous Blackbird cake - a Victoria style in style but not in sentiment! Blackberry jam really does add something amazing!

Mmm look at that sugary glory!

And this little baby: cheese, chutney, scone, hot, salad just mmmmm!

Choc orange cake, also delish - like Terry's but in cake form and definitely mine!


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