Sunday, 24 November 2013

10 things that have made me happy this week...

1) Coming home for the weekend! Mummy food, love, sister and baby times and a little bit of chill out time before the last couple of weeks of term. 

2) Underwear shopping. I have discovered THE best brand (unfortunately its American so postage charges aren't great) that stocks silky, beautiful underwear: its classy but not slutty which is so difficult to find on the high street. Check out Eberjey here

3) The fact that the Promenade website is nearly ready to go live - watch this space next week! Lots of hard work but I can't wait to reveal all!!

4) Having a tidy room; I needed a sort out and finally gave in this week. It will be nice to go back to uni and clean space (despite the fact that my wardrobe is currently collapsed under the weight of all my dresses but we don't have to talk about that bit!!).

5) The wool and knitted blankets that I found when out with mummy this weekend. Perfect for the season and incredible to crawl under of an evening!

6) Skype calls with my biggest sister as she chills out on the beach in India - I love catch ups!

7) Apple crumble. There is nothing better than homemade crumble on a wintery day, especially when eaten by a big log fire!

8) Christmas shopping with mummy, helping her buy for everyone and my list continually growing! 

9) Waking up to hilarious drunken 2am phone calls from the boy and his friends; i was laughing hysterically in my sleepy-ness! Drunken love is always entertaining! 

10) Eating the biggest and best roast dinner. They really really do make Sundays! Good wine, yorkshire puds and huge trays of crispy roast potatoes. I'm now sitting in a big food coma and there's no where else I'd rather be!

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