Saturday, 9 November 2013

Sleek, silky and glossy

So, when I was last at home (...remember?) I had a little bit of a mummy treat with some of my favourite  hair care products. Now you might be thinking, really, why does this matter but believe me, as a student every little treat is a big deal and I certainly can't afford these babies from my student loan! They are incredible though and I couldn't resist a little share...

My favourite out of the Catwalk shampoos is either Headshot or the Curls Rock, oatmeal and honey yumminess in a bottle and I've been 'borrowing' mummys' for as long as I can remember! The shampoos are nourishing yet don't leave your hair feeling greasy in the way that some richer haircare products do and the smell is simply divine! The conditioner is the same, nourishing and lovely and you dry your hair feeling and smelling like you've just walked out of a salon. Until I can afford 'blowdries once a week darlingggg' these little babies are the way forward. Most good hairdressers stock Catwalk products and will be happy to reccommend what's best for your hair type so check them out next time you fancy a little bit of pampering!

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  1. I'm a fan of catwalk hair products too :)! I also recommend Macadamia ones - they're glorious!

    Laura Elisabeth