Monday, 11 November 2013

Baby You're a Firework

In amongst the essay madness was a trip to Lewes on Tuesday for their renowned bonfire night celebrations. We started off with lunch at Prezzo and a couple of drinks in the pub before heading out to join the celebrations.

Lewes is a big deal. Pagan celebrations, parades, 7 bonfires and fireworks. People trek from miles around to attend the event and this year was no exception with over 30,000 people making their way to the tiny town!

This year was my first visit and we got very very lucky, attending as guests of the Town Council and being hosted at Lewes House which as well as being gorgeous, had the perfect viewing platform above the crowds and even better a very large supply of free wine!! The photos tell the story better than I can...

By 9 o'clock we were feeling decidedly tipsy and made our way down to one of the firework fields, Southover. The scene was amazing and we did not expect it to match up to the atmosphere of the parades but it really really did! The fire was huge, the crowds were entertaining, the mud was knee deep and the fireworks were breathtaking. Amazing!

Thank you for hosting us Lewes and thank you Georgey for having contacts in the right places!!!

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