Sunday, 10 November 2013

Planet India

Last night was a girly night. After days on end in the libs (writing 7000 just cannot be described as fun) we decided that supper was in order. We pre-empted that a weekend in the library would be tricky so we booked a table mid week for 4 at the renowned Planet India on Richmond Parade in Brighton. The day had been a wet one and having sat with soggy feet all day, and then wished I was my niece having been sent a photo of her all cosy in her pram, we knew that we were on to a winner with an Indian!

Planet India does not look like anything special from the outside but preconceptions really can be deceiving. Garish pink, its hard to miss but when you step inside to warmth, good smells and an array of traditional Southern Indian decoration you will not be disappointed.

We were seated quickly at a table in the window and quickly surveyed the huge choice of beer before getting on with the ordering! This place is always packed but the service cannot be faulted. I think the best thing about this restaurant is that you can split your choices - so two curries on one plate, what's not to like! I went for Tarka Dahl and Potato Curry and we ordered some chapatis and cumin rice for the table. The food isn't particularly pretty but it is completely delicious, full of proper flavours and enough spice to make your lips tingle! The chapatis are made with wholemeal flour which is always a bonus and the cumin rice is one of the best I've had. All of the food on the menu is veggie but don't let this put you off; its good traditional Indian food at really reasonable prices and in a great atmosphere - the owner walks around in bare face and his wife doesn't stop smiling. My only advice is book ahead and truly embrace the unusual menu! 


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  1. You've made me want an indian so badly now!!
    Love the restaurant name… Maybe I should have named my blog that!? Huge congrats on writing 7000 words - seriously impressive X