Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend has been the best kind of weekend. On Friday, I spent the day with mummy, pottering around the shops and eating. Lots of eating!

The boys had planned a night out in the evening and as much as I despite Colchester for a night out - its an army town and always crawling with both squaddies and underage children (my Essex snobbish-ness comes out to play, sorry!!) - I couldn't resist a catch up. We decided that we had to do it properly, dressing up and with lots of pre-drinks so the girls all headed over to mine for a getting ready sesh and some silly pictures!

It was so lovely to just have some time to catch up. Its so rare that we're altogether these days with uni and job commitments (some of them are already in the big grown up working world!!) so coming home is a treat that we all really savor.

The copious g&t's and wine combo definitely aided the silly pictures...

We headed into town and seeing the boys was lovely. There were only a few of us out which I think made the night even better!

And this was basically how the night ended...!!

The next day, (feeling fresh, ahem!) we headed to the races after the most incredible hangover breakfast. Pain au chocolat, strawberries, and orange juice, followed by smoked salmon & poached eggs on rye bread toast. Incredible! 

Higham point to point happens a few times throughout the year and its the perfect excuse for more catch ups, lots of Aspalls and some occasional bets. Its always full of lots of giggling and gorgeous puppies and is the perfect way to while away a Saturday, despite the freezing cold and occasional snow showers!

Its weekends like this that really sum up how amazing it is to be able to come home and spend time with the absolute favourites that I was at school with over 4 years ago. Roll on summer adventures, road trips and afternoons in the pub post exams!!

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