Sunday, 31 January 2016

A Chelsea Chocolate Tasting Tour

One of my genius Christmas presents from the boy this year was a Chocolate Ecstasy Tour which we booked for today. Based in Chelsea and Belgravia, the tour takes you to four artisanal shops and makers in the area, giving you the chance to learn more about the chocolate making process, and most importantly, to try everything in sight!

We woke up early for a Sunday and ventured in the rain to our meeting point, the Rococo Chocolates flagship store. We met the rest of the group (there were about 10 of us in total) and our guide and got straight down to business: chocolate. 

Discovering the origins and process of the cocoa and getting to try chocolates from different places around the world, made from varying percentages was so interesting. As a chocolate lover through and through, knowing a bit more about what you're eating is always going to be fascinating. I don't have a favourite type, and will never scorn Cadbury's, but nothing beats well-made good dark chocolate. After grabbing a couple of presents for our mummies, we headed off to our next stop on the tour - Pierre Herme - for macaroons and more chocolates- of course!  

Macaroons are my faves. Pierre Herme are great. This makes for a winning Sunday morning combination. I went for Salted Caramel which was delicious. 

Next it was into Chelsea to visit Prestat, pretend it was Spring despite the rain, browse in the florists windows, and warm up with hot chocolate.  

Made with pure dark chocolate and cream, as all good hot chocolate should be, I only managed half the cup but it was incredible. Truly incredible. You can visit the cafe for cake too which is now on my list for the next girly date. Cosy, French and with the best offering of hot chocolate in town. 

Next we wandered towards Victoria and popped into Artisan Du Chocolat. By this point, even I was quite full but the flavours on offer were amazing - from tobacco to goat's milk and everything in between. 

We spent the afternoon and evening devouring savoury nibbles and lounging on the sofas. It was fab to see a little more of London's chocolate offering and it was definitely a little different to my average Sunday. 

You can find out more about the tours on offer here. Thank you Chocolate Ecstasy Tours! 

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