Friday, 12 February 2016

House of St Barnabas

Let me introduce you to the House of St Barnabus... 

Located on Greek Street in central Soho, HOSB is a members club with a difference. 

'The club at the house of St Barnabas helps to change lives. Working in partnership with Benugo, we have created a truly inspiring environment that is home to a growing membership, dedicated to social change. '

The club is relatively new, only being established a couple of years ago but the charity that runs it has been going for centuries and is iconic in London. Their aim is simple: to educate, train and help homeless people back to work. For me, setting up a private members club to fund helping those most in need is a fantastic juxtaposition.

The club is located in a beautiful heritage building. Enter through the heavy black door and you come into an amazing hallway, with reception desk and grand staircase leading up to private dining and exhibition spaces above.

Downstairs, wiggle through the corridors to find the dining room, restaurant, bar, cosy, lounge, garden and church. Yes, church! 

The aesthetic is trendy yet traditional and honestly one of the most welcoming places I've been in Central for a while. There's no pretense, despite feeling high end and the spaces allow for everything from dancing to chatting, working to dining, all of which seem to be incredibly relaxed.

The Bar 

The Dickens Room

The Soho Room

The club is dynamic. They have DJ nights, exhibitions and talks. And they serve brunch and cocktails. With founding members such as Rankin and fashionistas, how could it not be cool? 

They say:

'A creative, innovative and cultural space that’s been carefully curated for the continually curious and those motivated by social change.

Membership fees and the suggested donation facilitate the work of the charity’s Employment Academy, supporting London’s homeless back in to work.'

And I love it already. I was gifted a corporate membership with work as a thank you for a party I organised at the beginning of the year and I'm already sad that it won't last forever! 

We popped in for a glass of wine last week. And a glass of wine after work is never just a glass; after a long day at work there always has to be food involved! 

We went for the Tapas menu and were not disappointed. 

Griddled king prawns, aubergine fritters, chips with lots of mayo, olives with herbs and fresh orange and perfectly chilled glasses of white. 

The Club is open to members only but they host open events from time-to-time. Plus, I'm allowed at least 3 guests and am very keen to utilise my membership...!

Check out HOSB here 

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