Monday, 11 January 2016

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week


1) A movie night. Snuggled up, with two sofas pushed together, a big eiderdown, pillows and homemade chocolate brownies. A glass of wine, the boy on one side and one of my best friends on the other.

2) Coming back to the flat after a few days at home for Christmas, putting all my presents in new homes, tidying and sorting ready for the New Year. I don't like to make resolutions but I do like to be ready. January is always a busy month with work so it's nice to be sorted in advance where possible! 

3) Chocolates. So many chocolates. I don't think I've had my Christmas fill yet so there's been a chocolate orange in my fridge permanently and the charbonnel walker truffles are going down a treat!! 

4) Kiels rejuvenating face oil. It was a present from my sister and after loving the sample I'm enjoying using it every night. I thought it might make my skin feel greasy but it's been great at re-hydrating my sad winter skin and leaving it feeling vaguely nice again. I struggle in the colder months and finding products that really help is a dream. This is definitely one and I really reccomend it! 

5) New Years Eve, good people, lots of laughing and a visit to Brighton. Good gin and good entertainment with the boys all back together for a night. 

6) New Year's Day, on the sofa watching Suits on a loop, 5 episodes is okay right?! So much food to eat through my hangover and a truly needed duvet day. 

7) Finally blogging again, its been a while but I find it very very satisfying. 

8) An eBay session, always good to have a clear out and I've been listing lots over the last few days. I sort of feel like it's and excuse to refill all those nice new spaces in my wardrobe as well...! 

9) Sparkles. Earrings, necklaces, on my clothes, I don't mind at the moment. My Christmas pressies were all adorned with glitter and ribbons and apparently I want to continue this with my wardrobe. Sparkles (and silky underwear!) definitely cheap up dreary, cold days. 

10) A little bit of work for my big event of the year at the end of January. Working in the holidays should never be good but it's been satisfying getting organised and I'm getting incredibly excited for the evening itself. More so than ever before. All I need now is a dress to wear... 

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