Wednesday, 16 December 2015

House Dreaming

House dreaming is continual for me. In that respect I am definitely old before my time! I turn 25 in just a couple of months and after the most fabulous year-and-a-bit of living with my best friend, house dreaming is becoming an even more regular occurrence as I know that I'm going to be moving flats in summer. After 2 years there are things I know that I want to replace, own for the first time and start collecting. And that's ridiculously exciting. 

I've started spotting things I never look at - front doors anyone?, the shape of wine glasses, the style of dinner plates (see, I said I was getting old). I had a 'bottom drawer' before uni, and again before I moved to London for the first time, collecting house treasures, trinkets and accessories and that collection has already started growing again. I'm a big fan of picking things up as you see them, planning and Pinterest-ing. My brand new baby pink cast iron griddle pan is at the top of the box and I don't think I'm going to want to replace it any time soon! 

Property wishlisting is great in itself. I know it will become stressful at the point I actually commit to something, but I'm looking in an area close to work, whilst living in London which is instantly easier than the last time I went through the house-hunting process. I know what I have to spend, where I'm looking and most importantly the things that are important to me in a property. In no uncertain terms, Right Move and I are becoming very good friends! 

For me, its the little things that are so important. I've always liked to have my things out around me. If I stay in a hotel I will hang up all my clothes, lay out my jewellery, make up and accessories and start to put my stamp on a room, even if I'm only staying for a night or two. Stuff, ultimately, isn't important and I truly believe that, but it does make me feel more comfortable in my own environment. For me, it makes a house feel like home.

I'm a fan of artwork on the walls, good statement furniture, unusual and thought-out storage and beautiful crockery. Clothes have to have their homes, surfaces have to be clear yet adorned and cupboards have to be full. We will never, after all, get away from the fact that despite everything, I do have a lot of stuff! I blame it on the fact that I have a 'good eye' or something like that... i.e. I can't resist pretty things and ultimately am a magpie. Sparkles always have to come home with me!  

I'm ready to move somewhere unfurnished and start building my own curation of furniture and room styles. I think its this, more than anything, that excites me after 5 years in furnished accommodation. Inspiration comes from all directions and all ideas are welcome! Now we just need to choose the property so that I can really start styling it... 

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