Tuesday, 15 July 2014

I finally graduated!

Life has been moving pretty quickly the last week weeks - update to come! But on Friday I finally graduated. I say finally as it seems to have been a long time coming! I had two years off in the end before starting uni and then a 3 year BA course and when my friends started working in hot shot city jobs as I was starting second year, I sometimes felt a little like I was playing catch up.

But those two years, in hindsight, were the best thing I could have done and not starting uni till I was a little older definitely wasn't a bad thing. While I sometimes questioned my decision - and not just for the beautiful handbags that I fantasised I could have had were I working, as opposed to building up a massive student loan! - I'm so glad that I've come out of uni ready to get on with it all. I want to be in the city, working, living and enjoying and am so ready to do that. Something that definitely isn't the case for all of my uni friends, with a lot of them feeling a little lost as to what the next step should be.

Graduation day was gorgeous, very old school glamour with the ceremony being held in the Royal Pavilion in Brighton, family and friends everywhere and copious amounts of champagne! I wanted to share a few photos of the day as it definitely was one to remember!

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  1. Congratulations Ali!! I wish you all the best!