Thursday, 19 December 2013

10 things that have made me happy this week...

I'm finally homeeeee! Its been a long time coming and while the last few days since being back may have been filled with work, revision and not much else, at least there is a full fridge and a smiling mummy at the end of it all! So here's the things that have been making me happy over the last week or so...

1) Getting home! <3 Yes that might be a long 3 hours of trains and yes it was a very heavy suitcase but there is no better feeling than crawling into my home bed with its incredible duvet and just snuggling.

2) A walk across the downs with the boy and a much needed yummy lunch at Stanmer House. Roast potatoes make everything good!

3) Seeing my gorgeous niece after a month. She's incredible and I love hanging out with her! 

4) Chats. Sometimes the deep ones are the hardest to have and the most upsetting but they really do make you realise what you have and why you're bothering to make it work, despite the hard bits.

5) Making Christmas hampers in amongst the work. Blog posts to come soon - this years a good one for homemade pressies!

6) The food that is making revision so much more bearable. Lindt chocolates and white wine are my life right now and I have no cares whats so ever about obesity!

7) Managing to see my lovely and ever growing godson. He is the epitome of cute and nothing is better than baby cuddles - I really do miss them when I'm at uni.

8) Wellies and my big fur coat. Staple everyday pieces since being home and I wouldn't want it any other way!

9) Wrapping pressies with the heating up high and some trashy music. 6 daysss!

10) Knowing I'm seeing my girlies on Saturday for a big formal occasion which are always full of memories - I cannot wait!

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