Thursday, 12 December 2013

Mulberry moments

What is it about Mulberry? A Classic black bag has been on my wish list for as long as I can remember and will almost certainly be my first big purchase once I have a 'real' job. The Effie range is by far my favourite. Soft, slouchy leather that is subtle in design and yet retains that 'perfect handbag' look.

Mulberry was only founded in 1971 and yet has the appeal of a heritage brand. The combination of beauty and practicality, and the unwavering passion for leather craft is evident every time you wander into a Mulberry store. For me, its one of the British brands that is classy but not showy, with the perfect  piece for nearly every occasion!  

From top right, clockwise: Effie Tote // Effie Hobo // Suffolk // Pocket Bayswater // Bayswater Tote

The Winter campaign this year has only added to my desire for one of these little beauties. The iconic windows at Harrods are filled with a mysterious winter wonderland and they really do epitomise Christmas! 
"This December Mulberry is celebrating festive magic  and the joy of fairy tales. Inspired by the beauty of winter woodlands and Mulberry’s roots in the English countryside, the fairy tale has been brought to life by the renowned  art director and set designer Shona Heath."
I mean, how can you look at these windows and not feel Christmasy? Its definitely December!!

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