Sunday, 3 August 2014


Last week I made the trek up (it's definitely still north!) to Northampton. Well, the fields just outside but even they are definitely still up north!! On Wednesday it was gorgeously sunny so after an amazing brekfast of pain au chocolate we headed to Wicksteed park. Described as 'a legacy dating back to 1913' the park is filled with rides, crazy golf, a few animals and lots of ice cream stops! 

I was a little dubious upon arrival. It's all very very old and looks like it was made for children. While I may definitely be a child at heart queuing up for the first ride surrounded by really little ones I did begin to question our decision slightly. I even made the mistake of mocking the pirate ship. That was until we got on and it started! My god!! 

It went up and then got faster and faster and faster. My god. I am not good with rides. Apparently my reaction was quite entertaining!! Not for me!

Lucky for me it was all a lot tamer from that point onwards. I gave the roller coaster a miss and we embraced being children for the day. Dodgems, the monorail, and crazy golf. Sometimes, days like this are so so perfect. Something different to the norm, that you wouldn't necessarily choose to do and getting soaking wet on water rides on a boiling hot day. A day of giggling, sweeties, ice cream and just having pure unadulterated fun. 

We ended with a much requested (definitely on my part!) go on the carousel. It was this bit that made me truly feel like I was little again. All the drama of job hunting and real life was more than forgotten for the day. And sometimes, that is absolutely necessary! 

The carousel was right next to the torturous pirate ship though… I mean just look at how high it goes! And its not one of the newer rides either! 

The perfect day, and so worth the journey up 'North'. 

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  1. Sounds like fun :) It's indeed nice to have a great day and forget things that are hanging everyday in your head!