Monday, 3 June 2013

Life Lately #3

Another busy week and exams are still dominating my life but here's a snapshot of what I've been getting up to! 

The Brighton Fashion Week newspaper that I spent the majority of last term working on finally went to print and has been distributed around the city in the lead up to fashion week- blog post to follow!

After my exam last Thursday I headed out with course friends for some drinks...

Which inevitably turned ridiculous fairly quickly with a 'Family Pack' - £30s worth of shots, cocktails, mixers and Jaeger Grenades. Whoops! 

Art History lovelies!

And drunken messes'... We ended up in a club which definitely wasn't the original plan (I went out under the pretence of 'casual drinks'!!). 

I think this was why it got messy... The one in the middle is a 'blow job'. Good old Oxygen!!

Life turned a little more sophisticated after that night and I spent the next day chilling out in the sunshine, painting my nails in a super summery pastel pink! 

Revision snacks and yummy food are the only things getting me through the endless amounts of revision for my last and final exam next week! 

And dressing up/procrastination has played quite a large role too as demonstrated by my lovely housemate!

Post gym treat of one of Infinity Foods delicious scones.

And I had a fab MIC catch up session with my housemate by fairy light- what an episode!

A little bit of shopping, and ebaying, has also been necessary to get me through the revision nightmare!

Now roll on the end of exams next week so that I can get out and enjoy this gorgeous sunshine! <3

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