Monday, 10 June 2013

London calling to the faraway towns

Saturday was a London day. The weekend couldn't have come at a better time and a revision break was more than necessary! I headed down to London in the sunshine for a friends houseparty, meeting the girls en route at Spitalfields for cocktails and supper! Having not seen the girls properly for a couple of months it was lovely to catch up and we went to Las Iguanas, and while its a chain I was really impressed with the quality of the food (and tequila!), even if the service was a little below par. I went for the Chimmychanga with rice, refried beans, sweet potato and spinach and would definitely reccomend it! The cocktails were filled with tequila and were delish!!

We headed over to the pub opposite the boys house and caught up with the impressive amount of school friends that had made it down from all over the country for the evening! After a glass or two of Aspalls we were ready to head to the boys, check out their gorgeous appartment - they both landed jobs straight in the city after graduation - and turn on the Taylor Swift, we really wern't feeling 22!!

And one of our hosts had passed out by midnight, Postman Pat at his side!!

The appartment has gorgeous views over the city and after a couple of g&ts we couldn't resist some pics with the lights of London behind!



It was a lovely night, very chilled out and filled with catch ups and lots of laughing which are always the best kinds of nights in my opinion! The mornings hangover cure was more than necessary though and it was not an enjoyable train journey back to Brighton to carry on with the revision!! I now can't wait for summer times and most importantly our holiday to here that is booked for September.

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