Sunday, 24 July 2016

10 Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week

All I've wanted to do this week is lie in a bikini by a pool / on a beach / by any water imaginable I don't really mind. Instead, I've been working on a 10 day event and living in a house in South London with a group of students, staying with Debrett's for a summer school programme - not quite the same?! The house is, however, beautiful. Used by the White Company for filming and photo shoots, everything is big, bright, white and airy. Its a great place to stay and if it wasn't for having to work while I'm here, would definitely feel like a holiday! There have been a few things keeping me happy this week - always the little things! - and my top ten are below...
1. Starting the week with a Wedding and a birthday at home in the countryside. Filled with sunshine, they were two of the loveliest days with some of my favourite people. Champagne, strawberries, ice cream and copious amounts of gin and tonics with lots of fresh lime.

2. Booking spontaneous flights to Dublin for 36 hours over bank holiday weekend. I've never been before and am so excited to visit - all tips for what to do there are very welcomed. Now to find the accommodation...

3. PrĂȘt Crayfish and Avocado salads. For a high street chain, the salads are just so good and so simple.

4. Al fresco working. In the garden, on my emails wherever possible and it is so much nicer than being in the office when we've had the mini heat wave that's been going on this week!

5. Punting in Oxford in the sunshine. Beautiful tanned men chauffeuring us, calm water and blue skies. Punting definitely made my Thursday a happy one!

6. 10 o'clock bedtimes. The children have to bed in bed by 10pm here in the house and that means I head to bed soon after. Its been incredible.

7. The ice cold Corona that I opened when I got back to my flat on Thursday evening. And the second. Is there anything better than a cold beer on warm days?

8. A Friday morning Vinyassa class at Frame Shoreditch. It was a little warm but so what my body needed!

9. Matching nails. I went for a bright red on fingers and toes and felt very matchy-matchy all week!

10. I touched on this one above but it definitely deserves another mention - British summer time... finally!! Hi summer, not cool that you kept us waiting for so long but thank you for finally turning up. Here's to bare legs, tan lines and summer fun. Its so nice to be able to sit outside, leave the house with brown legs and without a trench coat or jumper for when it gets chiller and to feel the sun on your skin.

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