Thursday, 3 January 2013

'Absence makes the heart grow fonder'

My blog has been looking rather empty over the last few months. Coming back to uni after summer I became drawn into the social life, occasionally the work and my role in Fashion Soc, putting on a huge Charity Fashion Show in November of last year. It all took over a little bit and I barely had a moment to myself, let alone to blog!

Having been home and recuperated, I thought it was about time that I resumed the blogging. Its also a fabulous way to procrastinate from the exam revision that I should be doing right now! #studentlife

I thought I'd give you a little taster of the months that I've been away; firstly, August when I moved into my perfect Brighton house and which I have continued to make pretty since then! its still very 'studenty' but its getting there.  Next, it was a holiday to the Yorkshire Dales with school friends to stay in a gorgeous house, filled with long drawn out suppers, too much wine, eprfect walks in the countryside and overdue catch ups. In September I became an auntie to a beautiful baby girl - Ona Sophia - who I was instantly besotted with and can't spend enough time with! Next, the fashion show. It was huge, 1920s inspired with a little bit of a modern twist and took place in a big church in Hove. We featured collections from American Apparel, cult vintage store Beyond Retro, incredible jewellery from Union, as well as local designers and couture boutiques including wedding dresses and suits! It was a fabulous night and I loved every minute of it but it was absolutely exhausting and could have been a full time job rather than being done alongside a degree! There have been launch parties and photoshoots, beauty shoots for the Fashion Soc's bi-annual magazine, Promenade, which is being launched at the end of the month, plenty of nights out and many a hazy memory! Then, finally, it was time to head home for Christmas holidays, to catch up with friends and sit by the fire with family, Prosecco and cocktails.

I'm just about to begin my second term of second year at Sussex and as I approach internship applications, exams and the production of the publicity magazine for Brighton Fashion Week I'm excited for what is to come. I'm sure that 2013 will be filled with as many adventures and dramas as the last, as well as more incredible memories.

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